Homestyle Italian and Latin


The Beginning and Philanthropy


On New Years Day 2013, Ben and Cynthia Sarmiento began a tradition for their son Emiliano Joseph, along with Cynthia's mother, Kathleen and stepdad, Dave.  They went downtown and fed a group of homeless people. They aslo handed out several items like gloves, socks, and hats.  After their mission they went home and registered their business.  Originally, Mighty Joe's Cruisin' Kitchen, a food truck, began out of Ben and Cynthia's dream to create a legacy for their son. Set on a mission to feed folks like they feed family they began their journey.

Mighty Joe's Kitchen is Ben and Cynthia's tribute to their son Emiliano Joseph. Carrying the name of his Great-Grandfather Joseph Carmen, who was a Colorado railroad worker, Emiliano has become the face representing the  family recipes that are at the heart of Mighty Joe's menu!  His name has also become synonomous with giving, just as the business started.  Since inception, Mighty Joe's has had the underlying mission to create community and give back.

After a year or so on the road in the food truck, Cynthia said "plant it"...and so they did right in Wheat Ridge.  In only two years at their permanent location, Mighty Joe's has given a tremendous amount through charity events, donations, and employment programs.

Their newest program was developed in hopes of creating a constant opportunity for community charity support.  Starting June 2017 Mighty Joe's Kitchen will host two dinners a month with 25% of the proceeds going to Colorado charities.  These will be all inclusive dinners with live entertainment and they hope to find many of their customers enjoying these events.  You can find the philanthropist in yourself........ Purchase Tickets Here!


Our Food

Our delicious homemade dishes are made from original family recipes. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality and providing bold flavors and generous portions at a reasonable price. We are passionate about cooking. Our vision is to create a place where you feel like family. You will find great traditional Italian and Latin flavors and some down right comfort food coming out of our kitchen. Pulling from Our mixed heritage, we have created a flavor packed  menu that will keep you coming back for more!

We source locally in CO whenever possible, this includes are breads, sausages, beer and liquor and more!  Our kitchen is an open kitchen where you can see us cookin' up something great.  We are a scratch kitchen and the hours of preparation that goes into our slow cooked meats, traditional sauces, and Italian style veggies are proof of our desire to feed you like we feed family.  Many of our dishes pull from our childhood  and we hope you find the nostalgia as you eat some of our unique dishes.